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Senin, 22 Desember 2014

Trending Topic : Amy Adams and One Direction

As a movie star, Amy Adams is something of a chameleon, vanishing into very different roles in very different movies like Enchanted, The Fighter, The Master and the upcoming Big Eyes. It's a skill that you think would serve her well on Saturday Night Live, too, but on this show it helps to have a strong comic personality to start with. And Adams — as game as she is — lacked that clear comedic spark last night. Perhaps recognizing that, the writers mainly used her as a background player throughout the show, letting current cast members and returning vets like Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen take the spotlight. You could tell where the audiences' preference lay when musical guest One Direction popped up in one sketch and immediately scored more cheers and laughs than Adams earned all night.

If you've never heard an episode of Sarah Koenig's blockbuster podcast, Serial, first of all why not? And second of all, sorry that this sketch probably made no sense to you. But for those of us in the know, this Christmas version of the "one story week-by-week" series was pretty much a perfect spoof, from Cecily Strong's scarily-accurate Koenig impression to the shout-outs to the Nisha call and "Mailkimp." (And yes, we liked that Funny or Die parody, too. This one was better.)

In what was clearly a case of a 2 a.m. writer's room "Oh crap, we probably should do something about the Cuba thing," moment, this cobbled-together skit brought on a parade of bad celebrity impersonations and even less amusing generalizations about the country we've just normalized relation with. Let's not export this particular sketch to our new buddies in Cuba, mmmkay?

Best Use of Amy Adams: Whiskers R We

It's not that the sketch itself, which found Adams and Kate McKinnon playing lesbian owners of a cat rescue group, was particularly great. But because it came at the end of the night, Adams was clearly feeling a rush of relief and allowed herself (along with the normally poker-faced McKinnon) to break character after one particularly bad feline pun — the looterbox in reference to a British short hair. Also, she got to hold lots of adorable cats and kittens, making this one the night's most meme-friendly sketch by far.

Episode MVP: Mike Myers

All due respect to Armisen and Wiig for their years of SNL service, but nobody needed to see their obnoxious singing team Garth and Kat again. On the other hand, Dr. Evil's return is always welcome, especially when he's calling out North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un over the whole Interview situation. You know… it's been over a decade since Goldmember. Can we all agree that, by now, we've been able to put our collective disappointment behind us and convince Myers to pull the trigger on an Austin Powers IV? Just leave the Fat Bastard suit at home.

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